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Short Term Missions Support Application

We have the great opportunity to support short-term missions trips and projects. We've partnered with individuals to support spring break missions trips, summer missions trips, special one-to-two-year-long trips, and other missions activities in this country and around the world. Are you raising support for a short-term missions trip? Complete and submit the application below to tell us more about what you're doing and how you would like Oxford Bible Fellowship to partner in your ministry!

Application Criteria

Submit the application at least 30 days prior to your trip. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent that, please indicate that in the application. Submit a reference letter. (upload in the application) Submit your prayer/support letter. (upload in the application) Submit ministry updates during your mission trip to (Weekly if your trip is less than a month or monthly if your trip is longer than a month.) Submit a written follow-up report within 30 days of your return to

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