Our Class Offerings

On a typical Sunday morning, children will have the opportunity to participate in praise, memorize scripture, giving/offering, learn a Bible lesson, and complete a reinforcement activity.

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Nursery (0-18 months)

A loving space for children to move and play during the service. There is a nursing area and areas to change diapers.

Toddlers (18 months-3 years)

Toddlers learn Biblical truths concerning God, God’s Son, God’s Word, and God’s world. Students learn that God is their creator and that He loves and helps them.

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Preschool (3-5 Potty Trained)

Our Preschool class reinforces foundational Biblical truths concerning creation, Jesus, salvation, and living for God.

Elementary (K-3rd Grade)

The Gospel Project is a weekly Bible study that helps all ages dive deep into the big story of the Bible—God’s plan to rescue His people through His Son, Jesus Christ.
In addition to formal teaching on Sunday mornings, w also provide opportunities for children to participate in fellowship, service opportunities, and outreach event.

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Club 45 (4-5th Grade)

In Club 45, we are working our way through the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith using the New City Catechism curriculum. We are building a Biblical worldview by learning the books of the Bible and practicing some skills for how to study Scripture. Club 45 focuses in on what it looks like to be a follower of Christ, how to have a high view of God’s Word and its authority in our lives, and how to be bold defenders of the faith! Our prayer is that 4th and 5th graders would be equipped to stand firm on the truth of God’s Word and to grow in relationship with Him as they prepare for middle school and high school.


Providing each child with a safe and healthy environment is our priority. In addition to our volunteer screening process, the policies below are enforced:

(Copies can be made available upon request)
• Children’s Ministry Application (complete and return)
• Background check (Must be updated every two years)
• Statement of Faith
• Code of Conduct
• Oxford Bible Fellowship Children’s Safety & Responsible Care Policy
• Volunteer Supervision Policy & Procedures


We use a secure check-in and check-out process and unique identifier name tags for each child (nursery – 3rd grade). Use the kiosk in the lobby to sign in and then bring the tag back at the end for pick-up.

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